Putting the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative under the medical research microscope

Putting the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative under the medical research microscope

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Mark Zuckerberg and wife Dr. Priscilla Chan pledged USD 3 billion to "cure, manage and prevent all diseases" by the end of the century, but what does it actually mean for research advancement?
28 Sep 2016 - General
Well, I think it is very generous of them to do so. But all diseases? I don't want to be the skeptic but diseases will always be with mankind, and having a cure for everything, including mental illnesses, lifestyle diseases, infections, environmental diseases, genetic diseases would take more than money but a very dedicated team, a lot of manpower and a lot of time. I wish it would take 3 billion USD to cure all diseases, but there are some factors that money can't solve, such as views o...
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While its natural to question the intent of this initiative, I think its better to concentrate on thinking of ways to ensure that their huge donation will be put to good use. Some people may think that this is a PR move or it might be a way to get out of taxes, we can always make assumptions but we will never know. 3 billion dollars is a lot of money and I believe that it can contribute to a lot of advancements in modern medicine. Of course its always better to target cure of all diseases, but w...
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We can't complain for the amount of money being funded for medical research but yes, I find the goal not to be achievable and unrealistic. USD 3 Billion, is a lot of money towards research, but I don't think it is enough to cure and prevent all diseases.This is too general and researchers need to focus on one thing to be able to see some results.If they are aiming for one disease at a time, then I can see some possibility but "all diseases" just sound impossible. As the article...
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Although the US National Institute of Health (NIH) alone spends more than 30 billion only on biomedical research every year, their 3 billion lifelong investment in science is considered a good step. But their hopes are high to cure all diseases with only this amount of money! I wonder how this can be possible while the similar USD3 billion donation by Bill Gates Foundation to fight against HIV alone and even so, till now, no significant results have been found. I believe the whole world will be ...
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