Should doctors be more transparent about their own mental illnesses?

Should doctors be more transparent about their own mental illnesses?

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Doctors are often perceived to have a default immunity to diseases and illnesses. There is a pressure for doctors to always remain healthy, lest they disappoint their patients or colleagues.
28 Sep 2016 - General
I think it really depends on the extent of mental illness we are talking about here. I do support the need to go and see a psychiatrist though. We are faced with a lot of stressors and even though we deal with death and dying on a daily basis and we say we are used to it our being human never changes. We need the right psychiatric attention when needed. I have seen a residency program request for neuropsychiatric evaluation for their applicants. I found this very strange as I never heard of some...
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The instinct of most healthcare professionals is to set their mental health issues aside for the fear of being ostracized and losing their profession. However being in denial is just temporary and if there is indeed a psychiatric illness, it will eventually manifest. I just hope that its not severe enough to cause impaired clinical judgment that can lead to the detriment of a patient. I think that healthcare professionals should be more vigilant of their own mental hygiene and coping mechanisms ...
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In a perfect world, everyone would be transparent and open about their psychiatric status. It is no secret that psychiatric disorders are on the rise among the whole community due to the stressful lifestyle and the endless working hours of modern life with no exception to health personnel. Of course psychiatric record for a doctor is never taken lightly in some countries as Malaysia. The medical council needs to be reported about the psychiatric record of doctors and this actually is one of the ...
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Recent studies point to around 4.2% of the US population with serious mental illnesses, while those with non-serious mental illnesses could account for as much as 18% of the population. With these numbers, it is extremely unlikely that doctors, or even nurses, are exempt from the prevalence of mental illness. In fact, when considering their context and environment, they could be more susceptible to mental illness.

Doctors and nurses often have to work long hours in a fast-paced environ...
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