What do you do to save electricity?

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28 Sep 2016 - General

A company in Singapore was awarded the President's Award for the Environment recently for achieving to save electricity in their company. What they did was very smart and friendly. Every noon, the company switches off its lights for one hour every day, when the staff leave for lunch. By using the sunlight as a natural source of light at noon. I think these minor changes in an office can make a lot of changes in the environment. Putting together 100 offices that does the same thing can accumulate to a lot of difference to the world. 

What are your steps to  save electricity in your country? And to what extent would you do to save our earth?


This is great news! One way of saving the Earth too. I never thought that this is possible in any bigtime company. This will surely serve as a model in your place and hopefully other big companies will adapt this. Here in our country there are certai...
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It is very important to save electricity so that our future generations can enjoy the benefits of the electrical appliances. I think people should focus on using non-renewable sources of energy like solar energy or wind energy. Solar cookers, solar w...
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Today electricity is an obligatory and fundamental necessity for all of us rather we cannot think to live without it. we should save electricity in our homes, offices, and schools by any smart strategy. A company in Singapore has received the award b...
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