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28 Sep 2016 - General

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Everyone is aware of the hazardous effects of smoking. As a dentist, I am faced with this question frequently: " I want to quit smoking, but I can't. Please help me!" Sometimes I have a group of patients who are not ignorant of the serious debilitating effects of tobacco and are determined to quit smoking. They have even tried nicotine gums, tobacco cessation programs, e-cigarettes, but unfortunately, have lost the war against addiction. Nicotine develops the relaxation pathway in the brain and man gets addicted to the release of the happy hormone. Usually, I recommend my patients to a tobacco cessation centre. These institutions have custom programs designed for the specific needs of the patient. The doctors and dentists in this community may also have faced a similar situation. Please share your experiences.

Tarah Cadiz Mark Edmon Tan I feel your pain. The struggle is real! Just don't allow anyone to impose it on you because chances are, your attempt to quit will not be successful if you are pressured. For me, the decision to quit is as personal as deciding to go for marriage! I am not exaggerating. I don't know which one is ...
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I have tried quitting smoking for 24 times. Some were short-lived while other trials showed promise. The longest I went cold turkey was for 12 months. Unfortunately, I have relapsed 24 times as well. I am contemplating on trying to quit smoking again immediately and did some reading on specialty books. The recommendation was to supplement smoking cessation with nicotine replacement, support therapy, and the use of bupropion, an antidepressant that reduces cravings and withdrawal effects. During ...
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Heena Pohani Just like any addiction, smoking is a very difficult habit to break. I've been a heavy smoker since I was in my teens and its been 6 months since my last cigarette. Frankly, I think its the best decision that I have made for myself. I must say though that quitting was not a walk in the part. To be honest, I think its the most difficult challenge I had ever imposed upon myself. A lot of smokers ...
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Nicotine is so addictive that even when the person who knows the adverse effects of smoking and so badly want to get rid of the habit, the addiction just won't let them do it. It's amazing how a single chemical can do so much of a different to our body, so much so that we can not be in control of our own body and behavior. Nicotine gums, tobacco cessation programs, e-cigarettes, they are all helpful to a certain extent, but it takes an insane amount of self control and determination to ...
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