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28 Sep 2016 - General
I am very much guilty of this. When you are in the medical field and you are always on your feet, bodily needs are often neglected. Sometimes in one duty day, I can count 2-3 sometimes one bladder break and a very very concentrated pee. I know this h...
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Yes, this is particularly true in the hospital. We have water dispensers everywhere yet we don't hydrate regularly. To look at the comic on another perspective, this can show people who exaggerate life situations or medical conditions. I remember...
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The people who are mostly dehydrated are not the ones who live in places where drinking water is scarce. It's the people who have access to drinking water every second of the day that do not drink. Funny but true. In the hospital, there is a wate...
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Yaiks! Everyone's quite guilty of this. We are always dehydrated most especially when we go on duty and we already forget to take bladder breaks and even drinking water and eating. The picture depicts a funny situation wherein how do these guys b...
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