Tattoo Therapy To Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Tattoo Therapy To Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

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A temporary tattoo containing antioxidant nanoparticles may help treat autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis in the future, according to a new study. The study led by Christine Beeton from Baylor College of Medicine in the
28 Sep 2016 - General
@[Marinelle Castro] yes I totally agreed with you. I feel that nanoparticle patches will be a much better choice considering the facts you mentioned. Having said that there might be few issues for using nanoparticle patches like not reaching the pote...
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Alan Rosmadi Oshen Chandrasoma Aside from religious and cultural backgrounds, I think its also important to consider that patie...
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@[Alan Rosmadi] Nanoparticle patch !!!! Wow that was a great idea. I think the researches will come out with such options too considering the religious and cultural background. You know majority of the newer inventions get such issues, but what we sh...
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cool stuff!! might consider getting one then! haha..
But what are the other options for those who are not able to have tattoos? Such as our fellow Muslim colleagues who cannot have tattoos cause of the restrictions. I believe a temporary tattoo w...
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Tattooing is considered as an art which is mostly used as a fashion in the modern world. But now it has turned into a medicine which becomes beneficial in diseases like Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Not only MS, the researchers suggest that a temporary tat...
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