Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP)

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28 Sep 2016 - General

Whether you find if amusing or annoying it is worth sharing here to lighten up the mood. Once again here is our random "haha" post to deviate from medical stuff. So this song is uber short, very senseless and oh so viral. I have to admit it is not annoying but just very laughable and catchy. 

I believe my not being annoyed with this streams from my being optimistic. I have been teaching myself for some time to stop complaining about things and just be more positive. Like if the movie I watch is way different from the book I read I accept it for what it is. Then there are the other daily stressors but I have learned to let go more. The less negativitiy we have the less stress. ;)

If you haven't watched the wonder that is Piko-Taro who came up with PPAP watch the link below. Believe it or not there is a specific dance move as you cannot hold the pineapple, pen or apple the wrong way. :D

Priscilla Mae Gobuyan haha. Ya I did and it has been done. It should be annoying right? It is just a video. It is a simple matter. We should be able to not let it bug us immensely. So ya it is senseless, but we need to look beyond the fact that it is irritating, laugh at its mission to be funny and leave it. I am obviously not just talking about PPAP but wanting to let this apply to our daily lives. We need to be...
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Seriously, You got this thing out a space in the community Jennifer Winter ? You gotta be kidding. haha. Well this is really annoying and I find it senseless at all the video, lyrics and action itself. Well you are right, bringing out this topic in the community can deviate our attention and loosen up our senses once in a while. Haha. You're also right wherein some things may not go out the way we used to see...
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