The effects of a Zinc rich diet

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29 Sep 2016 - General

A recent study has revealed that a high content of Zinc element in a meal may increase the risk of having Clostridium difficile infection which may be potentially life threatening, If not treated. In USA, out of 500000 of patients with this infection 29000 have met death. High dietary Zinc amount causes the changes of the normal flora inside the intestines and prepare the intestines as an optimal space for Clostridium difficile. People with long time antibiotic use also have a higher risk to have the infection than the individuals with no long antibiotic treatments. Prevention is better than cure. So why do we face a risk with having much Zinc in our meals!

Zinc is found in all body tissues and fluids and the total body zinc content is estimated at 2 g (30 mmol). Approximately 60% of the total body zinc content is found in skeletal muscle and 30% in bone mass. Zinc is absorbed in the small intestine and is excreted via the kidneys, skin and intestine (in faeces). As there are no body stores of zinc, daily intake of zinc is needed to maintain adequate body levels. The recommended daily zinc intake (reference nutrient intake) for an adult man in the ...
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It is not surprising to see the number so high as zinc is in almost all of our meals. It is our stable food in fact. Food that you rely daily as well. We can't stop having these kind of need. But from what i know, having high in zinc diet is usually good as it builds up your immunity against infections. But i am surprised that it does the opposite in THIS study. But this study was done in the USA. While other countries have yet to do this study, so we cannot conclude that it might affect us....
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Rajinda Asalage i'm pleased to find your article since I believe that everything in our life is double edged weapon. But we shouldn't neglect the importance of zinc as it is needed in small amounts every day in order to maintain health and perform important functions each day. Zinc benefits the body in many ways: helps with hormone production, growth and repairment; improves immunity and facilitates diges...
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