Singaporean surgeon given a week’s jail after refusing to pay S$538,000 fine to SMC

Singaporean surgeon given a week’s jail after refusing to pay S$538,000 fine to SMC

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Dr. Pang Ah San disobeyed court orders to pay the Singapore Medical Council S$538,000 in legal costs and has been sentenced to a week's jail for contempt of court yesterday.
29 Sep 2016 - General
In the Philippines, we have a colloquial term for exhibiting unreasonable stubborness - "Pasaway". I must say that this doctor is exhibiting such. There are people who refuse to learn from their mistakes and he is one of them. His behavior is actually unacceptable of a professional and I think the Singaporean Medical Council should reconsider their punishment for this doctor. It seems like he is not even remorseful of what he did, and there is a likely chance that he doesn't think ...
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So he did admit to what he did as stated, "He also admitted that the treatments were done to gather data to validate the tube as a form of treatment, avoiding all proper ethical and legal application procedures." but he refuses to pay for his mistakes? As I commented before he must've had good intentions but I am slowly choosing not to bank too much optimism on him because of this. Once again rules are there for a reason. Dr. Pang is showing a great deal of stubbornness which I can...
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This is the latest chapter in this malpractice saga. While the surgeon claims to have extenuating circumstances, the fact is that he has ample cash in the bank, private properties, and is still practising, I would like to be sympathetic, but I can't help but wonder if this course of action is meant as an act of rebellion over what the surgeon m...
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