Love Handles And Spare Tires May Worsen Heart Disease Risk: Study

Love Handles And Spare Tires May Worsen Heart Disease Risk: Study

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Having spare tires i.e. hidden fat in the abdomen as well as love handles or visible flab, may worsen heart disease risk factors, a new study has found. The study by US National Heart Lung and
29 Sep 2016 - General
Abdominal obesity is highly related to visceral fat and this makes it a risk factor for developing coronary artery disease (CAD). In fact, waist circumference of > 102cm for men and >88 cm for women is part of the criteria for metabolic syndrome. Another important indicator of CAD risk is the waist-to-hip ratio (also related to excess abdominal fat). Having abdominal obesity is also an indicator of physical inactivity and unhealthy dietary choices. It is important to advise patients to los...
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This article is very beautifully describing the diseases related to abdominal fat. The phrase “having spare tires” actually means the hidden fat in the abdomen while “love handlers” is used to denote the visible flabs. This research has shown that both types of these abdominal fats may enhance the risk factor related to heart diseases. it is further elaborated that an increase in an amount of stomach fat and lower density fat may worsen the heart diseases. fat inside the abdominal cavity is more...
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