Hormonal contraceptives may raise depression risk

Hormonal contraceptives may raise depression risk

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The use of hormonal contraceptives was linked to higher risk of depression and antidepressant use in a new study, especially for teenage girls.
29 Sep 2016 - General
Personally, I rarely see a patient who suffered from depression after using oral contraceptives. Most of the time I see them for thrombotic complications. Anyway because this article was interesting, I looked for the source of the study, and here is the link Tarah Cadiz I think this topic needs further investigations from other countries. For one, No...
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Tahira Nawaz i guess this topic needs alot of research to prove that hormonal contraceptives may result to depression or be at risk to depression. We would like to know on how depression linked to any hormonal contraceptives aside from levels of estrogen and progestogen. Since it is stated in the article that there are only few studies which investigated whether the use of hormonal contraceptives influences depre...
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Psychiatric disorders are the worst type of the disorders to have in the life time. Among them, depression is the worse most disorder to have according to my opinion. Because once you experience it, You dig a hole where you can not come out from it. Few studies have identified that depressive symptoms are associated with hormonal oral contraceptive pill use. Approximately 80% of the sexually active women are using oral contraceptive pills. It has been found that they are more vulnerable to exper...
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This is very useful and informative research for teenage girls who are using hormonal contraception methods including pills, injections, patches, and implants. Such contraceptive agents contain hormones estrogen and progestin (progestin can be synthetic progesterone or progesterone itself). The main function of these hormones is to prevent the ovulation, therefore, they are widely used worldwide. This research study has shown that the changes in estrogen and progesterone levels play a major role...
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