World Heart Day

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29 Sep 2016 - General

World Heart Day wishes to all.

How to protect it?

How you are protecting your Heart?

Yes indeed it is much needed to have a discussion about the heart diseases and to address a day as the world heart day. Because heart disease is the major cause of death all over the world. Prevalence is getting high because of the life styles of the people. Smoking has become a fashion among the young generation, even women smoke too and they continue their habit to the future making heart diseases easier to be happen. High intake of fast food will lead you to be hyperlipidaemic and the poor di...
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Reading all of the comments, they have already mentioned the important things on how to take good care of your heart. As part of health care providers, we are all knowlegeable on how and what ways to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. I would like also to add that discipline can play an important role too. Without it, you can't perfectly say that you had a healthy heart or body (as a whole) primarily because it always reflect on how you discipline yourself especially with your diet, exer...
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Diet is most important, the person who's having knowledge about diet & following accordingly himself is healthier basically.

exercises, yoga.

Living Stress free life or else managing stress.


Remove completely -ve thoughts/attitude

Develop n share positive environment surrounding

Love/appreciate yourself first, then with others, the same you get in return

Speak specifically, minimum, politely.

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Madhubabu kaaja it is my first time to know that there is a world heart day , with this occasion , i'll add a plan of 10 points so we can keep our heart healthy :

1. Schedule a Yearly Checkup 
 Your heart is in your hands. Each year on your birthday, schedule a checkup to have your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels checked, and ask your doctor to help you reach or maintain a...
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I was not aware about this celebration until you mentioned it. Cardiovascular disease is multifactorial and it is one of the major causes of morbidity among industrialized nations. In the past, this is more prevalent among Westerners but right now data from the World Health Organization reveals that Asian countries are also catching up on the increasing prevalence of mortality from this disease. I think two of the most important things that we can do to protect this system are: dietary modificat...
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A worthy topic to put on discuss. Since heart disease is an emerging prevalent disease all over the world, it is good to have a day named as a world heart day. In Sri Lanka, approximately 60-70% of the men above 40 years of age are with the modifiable risk factors for the heart diseases and strokes which are hypertension, bad lipid profile and smoking. So the public should be educated much more regarding the causes, symptoms and the measures to be taken at an emergency. World heart day will defi...
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Thank you, Wish you too World Heart Day. Well, our heart is the most important organ in the entire body. it is composed of muscle and it functions like a pump that beats about 72 times per minutes in an alive human being. Our heart works on the “all or nothing law” that’s mean either it contract and expand or not. So we must take care of the health of our heart in order to remain healthy. It is pumping the blood to the entire body and nourishing each cell. I try to eat low fat and high fiber foo...
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Madhubabu kaaja: Thank you for the wishes. A healthy heart is essential for living a healthy life. Many factors like healthy diet, exercise, living a stress-free life, refraining from tobacco and alcohol play an important role in this process. It is very sad to notice that many professionals from healthcare industry themselves suffer from heart diseases. The health industry has become more stressful these days and...
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