Do you know the scope of VR glasses in the healthcare sector?

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29 Sep 2016 - General

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Virtual reality is the technology of the present era. The most common application of virtual reality technology is in the field of gaming and entertainment. However, indisputably there lies much scope of VR glasses.With virtual reality, it becomes possible to project images in three dimensions. By motion detection, it is also possible to carry out certain operations. The advantage is that the man can take actions in a controlled environment, that mimics the real world.

In the medical sector, this technology can be used as a professional tool for:
1 For training of surgeons and other medical professionals
2 In the treatment of phobias
3 Rehabilitation of patients undergoing chemotherapy and for treatment of anxiety

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I hope that VR could one day be used when doing MRI procedures for claustrophobic patients. I have already encountered numerous patients who did not know or perhaps denied they were claustrophobic until they had to undergo an MRI procedure. As Theekshana Abayawickrama has stated, VR is potentially a breakthrough for academic purposes. Students can use VR as a supplement to the human cadaver during anatomy lessons....
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Potential applications of virtual reality is endless. From the very beginning of medical education to specialized training and continuous professional development, virtual reality can make a huge change in the way we are used to teach and be educated. There were days that the blackboard and chalk was the only means of teaching. The chalk was replaced by the white board marker. Then came slide presenters which later developed into multimedia projectors. The next big step is virtual reality. It al...
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I just want to say one thing. WOW. that will tell my feelings about this. Truly this is an extremely useful and enjoyable thing to have. Most of the time we use such things only for entertainment. But here we can use it as a treatment and as a mode of learning. I hope learning subjects like anatomy will be much useful and realistic. At the same time with somewhat advanced technology we will able to train younger doctors on communication skills which is useful in interviewing a patient. There wil...
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