10 key facts people should know

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29 Sep 2016 - General

The key thing you should know

1. Body fat ratio

 2. How much vitamin D we need each daily

3. Your cholesterol levels

4. Your BMI

5. Your blood pressure

6. Your blood type/group

7. How many calories you should consume daily to stay a healthy weight

8. How many units of alcohol are considered healthy

9. The units of water you should be drinking to be considered healthy

10. Allergies you suffer from

Do you have any others other thanking these?

Madhubabu kaaja There are general screening recommendations for a certain age group and gender. For example, women of child-bearing age should be routinely screened for cervical cancer through a Pap's smear. For males, there is a designated screening procedure for prostate cancer. If you are genetically predisposed to have a certain illness, for example cardiovascular disease, then you should routinely check ...
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Madhubabu kaaja I totally agree with you and I want to add that we need to know the harmful consequences for not giving these points their importance.
We also need to know the harm of our bad habits like bad sleeping routine, smoking, junk food, lake of exercise, lack of medical consultation and there are a lot of these bad habits .
We need to know how to take care of our health and make it our priority,  (Total 125 words)
I agree with Marinelle Castro in stating that a good knowledge of family history of illnesses is very important for us, especially in cases of cancer in order to avoid acquiring the illness too. For example, we can subject to routine colonoscopy starting at the age of 40 if we someone had colon or rectal cancer in the family. I would also add the amount of exercise duration or calories burned per week. The recomm...
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Aside from what's already mentioned, I think its important to know diseases that run in the family. Like for example, if diabetes runs in the family then maximal efforts should be done to prevent having it. I personally know of a physician who have a genetic predisposition for cardiovascular illness. His father died of early sudden cardiac death in his 40's, one of his brothers suffered from heart attack and another brother from stroke. Since he is knowledgeable about this, he became ver...
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Tarah Cadiz Dear Dr. Taraz,
The old ones live longeterm without knowing this. This Is a not correct concept in My view. The old ones are well aware of basic health science. They know How to do, what to do what not to do. The system of medicine Is coming from a long back and Is continuing through the research and innovation.

Without knowing this we cant practise and we are not in a position for healt...
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