What doctors really think: 5 hidden thoughts of white coat professionals

What doctors really think: 5 hidden thoughts of white coat professionals

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Despite their best intentions, doctors are certainly not perfect beings. With that in mind, here are some things we do think but would probably never admit to patients.
29 Sep 2016 - General
This is a great article for discussion, Marinelle Castro. It screams that doctors are humans too! Doctors are always under pressure not only in providing the best management of a patient but also in serving as health models to the general population. What people do not see beyond our white coat is that we are under severe stress too. We are just more resilient to stress but we still need to cope once profession i...
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The first one sounded like the Psychiatrist needs a break. I remember reading the psychiatrists need a mental break every so years to free themselves from the psychiatric babble. This is why I would like to avoid psychiatry as I just know that it will unearth some craziness hehe. I would use the internet especially for drugs in term of drug interactions and to double check dosages and frequencies. There are many times I would double check a drug which I have prescribed many times before just out...
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For end-of-life care, one of the common problems I encounter is continuing extraordinary means of treatment despite refusal of a patient. Just recently, I had a patient who was put on dialysis against her wish just because her children cannot accept what was inevitable. Her eldest daughter was also a doctor and that was the biggest problem. Contrary to the topic though, we were vocal about our thoughts of respecting the patient's advance directives. It took some time and several family meeti...
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About the third clause: "Give doctors a break!", I can relate to this well because plenty of times I've been a victim of bad timing. In our hospital set-up there are plenty of restaurants in a nearby building. When I'm done with rounds, I'd usually go there to have meals just for a change of scenery. Its just too common that I have to leave when I already ordered because I have to see a patient. Whats terrible about this is that often times, I cant cancel my order anymore. ...
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