It's official, measles has been eliminated from the Americas

It's official, measles has been eliminated from the Americas

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More than 50 years since a vaccine became available, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially declared measles eliminated from the Americas - not just the US, but the land mass stretching from Canada to Chile, and all the countries in...
29 Sep 2016 - General
well that was quick! They just had an outbreak of Measles in Disneyland, California last year. Then again the CDC suspected it to have come from a traveller and not from the US itself. On further reading they said the strain was the same strain from an outbreak here in the Philippines. We know what that means. *cricket cricket* I was thinking the same thing Theekshana Abayawickrama regarding the number of people w...
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This news is big. Measles has been eliminated from america. Not just the United states, but the whole continent that stretches from Canada to Chile. It is indeed a huge achievement that a whole region of the world was able to eliminate a viral infection. Much credit to everyone involved in the health sector who carry out immunization programmes to cover every last human being. But now there is a rise of Anti-vaccers. There is a rising number of people who refuse vaccination for their children be...
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