The top 5 poisonous substances leading to hospitalisation and death in Malaysia

The top 5 poisonous substances leading to hospitalisation and death in Malaysia

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Acute poisoning has been a significant threat to many developing countries, including Malaysia. Here are the top 5 poisonous substances.
30 Sep 2016 - General
Interesting article. Based on what I've gathered the most commonly encountered agents of acute poisoning (for pediatric patients) in the Philippines are: carbamates/organophosphates (pesticides and insecticides) ,paracetamol, phenobarbital and isoniazid. Unfortunately, I was unable to find data on adult population. Among these, I think pesticides are the most common. Sadly, these agents are regularly being used in agricultural farming. A lot of farmers have limited knowledge on its harmful e...
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This article just shows that aside from pesticides and other organic solvents, various medications are among the leading causes of poison. Even common drugs like salicylates (aspirin), paracetamol, diuretics, and even topical preparations can cause harm if the patient does not know how to properly use them. This again emphasizes the role of health care professionals in educating patients about the proper dose, use and administration of medications. Again, drugs are double-edged swords and can ca...
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Considering the size of the rural population in Malaysia, it is not surprising that pesticides are among the highest causes of death or hospitalisation by poisoning, but it is a concerning statistic.

As with most of the world, a more rural population tends to be less educated, and the many Malaysian workers in farms and plantations may not know the best way to handle these substances. Even if they did, their employers may try to cut costs by not enforcing more expensive protocals, espe...
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