Study claims many scientific publications from recent years are “unnecessary, misleading and conflicted”

Study claims many scientific publications from recent years are “unnecessary, misleading and conflicted”

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Two researchers who pored over various systematic reviews and meta-analyses now posit that the majority of such publications in recent years are likely redundant and unnecessary.
30 Sep 2016 - General
The doctor who published this claim was very brave in publishing his data, considering that he's also a researcher. Just wondering what his purpose is. Surely universities will still require students to submit a research paper at the end of the year. Some institutions even require more. I know of a residency training program that requires a yearly research output with at least one published paper by the end of training. About conflict of interest in publishing, I'm not sure what can be d...
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This is true. Studies are very important for us health care professionals since they help guide us in our field of work but we should always be very careful with the papers we read and apply to our practice. There is so much misleading and biased studies out there. That's why we should know how to do critical appraisal and analysis. Another problem especially here in our country is the lack of coordination and "sharing" of research output from universities and institutions. That is...
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Now, as far as i know research paper or thesis is a requirement needed for you to pass your bachelors degree. And for my experience back in college, i presented my thesis adviser almost 10 problems that i would like to study, and sadly she rejected all of it. She explained to me that the problem i presented was done already by other students. So, i was encourage to present her a topic that was not yet done by anyone. I guess, it depends on the institution if they allow repetitive research study....
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I used to work in academic publishing, where I handled the production and editorial work of 9 international journals. Each journal issue can be around 80 pages or more, and it often boggled my mind that so much "new" research was being found everyday, and yet the advancements in the industry did not seem to match the research.

It took a while before I understand the biggest problems with academic and medical research: in many teaching institutions, there is a "publish or...
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