Why do some people have immunity to the world’s major diseases?

Why do some people have immunity to the world’s major diseases?

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HIV–AIDS, Ebola, genetic disorders and the common flu are some of the most debilitating illnesses in modern society. However, there are some individuals imbued with natural immunity to these illnesses.
30 Sep 2016 - General
Indeed, no one can have it all. One man's luck, can be another's misery. Frankly I wasn't aware that there is a favorable genetic mutation that is protective of HIV infection. This is precisely the reason why performing genetic manipulations or producing designer babies really poses an ethical dilemma. But, that's reserved for another topic. So i guess based on these data, there could also be a genetic resistance to some vaccines, which explains why some people do not achieve an ...
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It’s just amazing and a good stroke of luck that some people have gene alterations that make them immune to the most deadly diseases. The fact, however, that there are people who are carriers of a disease but do not manifest the symptoms (known as super spreaders) is also quite scary, as people may not be aware that they are transmitting the disease wherever they go. Anyway, I hope more studies can also be done as to why some people are immune to various diseases and other infections, as this ma...
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