Nurses: 4 reasons why you should attend healthcare conferences

Nurses: 4 reasons why you should attend healthcare conferences

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While there are nursing conventions specifically tailored for nurses, there are definitely some benefits from attending general healthcare conferences for nurses, including those more tailored towards doctors.
30 Sep 2016 - General
I agree that this topic is not only applicable for nurses. Every healthcare professional must attend these kind of activity. One of the best example is our IV therapy card. We are required to update our IV Therapy card every 3 years, without it we are not allowed to continue our service. Its a must that every nurses must comply. This is one of the requirements every nurses should not missed. During refresher course or basic training , we are updated for new information and informed if there is a...
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Its really important to update one's knowledge for professional practice. I think this does not only apply to nurses, but to other professions as well. Just curious Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Kathleen Peralta Jemelyn Mae Sodusta do we have a special licensure for advance nursing practice in the Philippines? Do we also have subspecialties for the nursing profession in the country? In our hospital, I observed that our operative nurses frequently attend conferences and meetings. I think this is ad...
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I guess it depends on the conference. I recently attended the Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress held by the National Healthcare Group, and they made an effort to have programmes specially catering to nurses. The programme included career advancement talks, presentations on care standards, public health, and there was even a cooking competition.

Many people think that nurses are not as interested in the technical, clinical aspect of medicine, but having a better balanced conferen...
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