'Artificial pancreas' for type 1 diabetes wins FDA approval

'Artificial pancreas' for type 1 diabetes wins FDA approval

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The FDA approved a so-called artificial pancreas this week: a cell-phone-size medical device to monitor and treat patients with type 1 diabetes.
30 Sep 2016 - General
It is very surprising to see the artificial pancreas and I think it is the revolutionary invention for Type 1 diabetic patients. In type 1 diabetes patients are unable to produce sufficient insulin to get energy from food. This artificial pancreas includes a glucose meter, an insulin pump and an infusion patch connected to the pump with the tiny catheter for delivering insulin. It is called as Medtronic MiniMed 670G system that measures the blood sugar level every 5 minutes and delivers the insu...
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Last month, I remember posting something about the oral and inhalational forms of insulin. Well, here’s another advancement in the field of diabetes management! I think that this is revolutionary and it will really help a lot of people. I also think that there is a lot of room for further advancements. For example, they can make this subcutaneously implanted to eliminate the discomfort of always having to carry something. Also, they can bioengineer this into a smaller machine to make it more con...
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