Habbits killing kidneys!

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30 Sep 2016 - General

Kidney damage doesn't occur in a day. Habits gradually make or break kidneys. Most of people seldom give attention to health unless something pains.
1. Over consumption of proteins - It may harm kidneys. In some cases it could lead to kidney stones too.
2. Too much of caffeine consumption -  Caffeine is diuretic and cause dehydration. 
3. Smoking and alcohol consumption - Kidneys have to work to hard to see the toxins out of the body.
4. Not drinking enough water.
5. Deficiency of vitamin B6 - Eat fruits, potatoes and fish to get Vitamin B6.
6. Salt consumption - Take sufficient salt and don't get addicted to chips.
7. Good night's sleep - Less sleeping time or late night parties are bad for kidneys.
8. Postponing natures' calls - Passing urine on time is important for kidney health.

Add any other Habbits. Please share your experiences.

Kidneys are the brains of the excretory system. Why I say that, because they are the ruling organs of the system. We have the responsibility to save them and some of our habits cause to see the dead end of this organ. If we do not empty the bladder regularly, it will affect the ureter followed by hydro ureter and hydro nephrosis. We must have a good hydration too. If not it will lead to a renal injury what was called as renal failure in early days. We should limit the meals rich with proteins, s...
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What's peculiar about kidney disease is that its almost always asymptomatic. People who become afflicted with chronic kidney disease do not usually come for consult unless they have already incurred significant renal damage. The usual presentations that I have encountered are : chronic fatigue, dizziness, pallor and easy fatigability. Since kidneys are important for excretion - then the way to take care of it is to avoid intake of medications or chemicals that rely solely of the kidneys for ...
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Good habits have the positive impact on our lives while bad habits have negative effects on our lives. The habit of smoking and alcohol drinking are very dangerous to human health. In both cases the detoxification of human body becomes difficult and kidneys have to work hard to remove toxins. The drinking of sufficient water is also necessary to maintain the proper cleansing of kidneys for their optimum functions. We must develop the habit of eating fresh food and vegetables on the daily basis t...
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"@[Madhubabu kaaja]" Kidneys are an important organ in the body that play a crucial role in excretion of waste products. Proper functioning of kidneys is essential for healthy life. Apart from the habits and factors mentioned by you, I believe it is very important for patients to get treatment for kidney infections at right time. Effective treatment at the correct time plays an important role in managing kidney disorders. Also, people taking illegal drugs like cocaine or having drug a...
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