Myths Vs. Facts

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30 Sep 2016 - General

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It is very annoying for me when my patients avoid dental treatments because of their myths. People stick to their false beliefs and avoid treatments and this can prove to have deleterious effects on their dental health. The most popular myths followed by my patients are:
1. "Cleaning the teeth with a hard toothbrush is better than doing it with a soft toothbrush."
- A hard toothbrush or brushing teeth vigorously with too much force can result in abrasions and even damage the gums. 
2. " One should not take dental treatments during pregnancy."
- The second trimester is the best period to get dental treatments during pregnancy. Also, the changes in hormones during pregnancy can affect the dental health. So, dental visits should not be avoided during pregnancy.
3. " I have to visit a dentist only when I have tooth pain or when I see a problem in my teeth."
Regular dental visits at the interval of six months are very important for maintaining good dental health.
Do you also face such myths in your practice? If yes, then please share.

Oh I get a lot of that "I've been pregnant, that's why I haven't been to the dentist for a while". And always I tell them, as a matter of fact since you're pregnant you have to see the dentist all the more. And then they're shocked. Then I tell them about hormones and it's link to gum disease and I talk about pregnancy gingivitis. Once I even saw a patient who said she was told she cannot get fillings when she's pregnant because of the light cure, and I was ...
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oh the medical myths. There are quite a number especially here in the Philippines. From the top of my head here are a few to add onto Marinelle Castro's list: 1. you should not take a bath for one week after giving birth 2. if you've always had irregular periods it is normal for you 3. getting rained on will make you sick 4. we only use 10% of our brains. The last one I hear at random and not necessarily ...
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Heena Pohani There are so many medical myths in our country. In fact in the previous months, we have discussed some of the funny medical myths that are commonly believed in the households. I'm not even sure where they stemmed from but I guess those beliefs were passed down from generations. Some examples are: 1) Sleeping with your hair wet will give you headaches. Some actually still believe that this is a n...
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@Madhubabu kaaja One should not wait until the postpartum period to have dental treatment. During pregnancy, the hormonal fluctuations are responsible for causing many tooth problems, the most important among them being gum disease. The studies have even shown a relation between periodontitis and premature birth and low weight birth. It is very important to follow the regular six-month interval protocol for dental visits if no major complaints are there. The most effective way to reduce the chan...
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