Using your intuition: How does it weigh as a diagnostic tool?

Using your intuition: How does it weigh as a diagnostic tool?

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How often do doctors make use of their intuition during their practice? In cases where they face complex patient problems and situations, intuition is known to support the effective and rapid medical performance of the practitioners.
30 Sep 2016 - General
it is not a definitive source but it cannot be completely ignored because many great things have been accomplished by a simple "hunch". If you have an intuition about a certain case, you have to take it into account and you need to explore ...
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For me, I use my instinct when i can feel if someone is hiding something from me. Cause nahhhh. It works! I know i am always right. Kidding aside. But in terms of medical cases like for example, when my father is not feeling well, i don't relay i...
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Humans are intuitive in nature. In fact, a lot of scientific discoveries were initially based on intuition. How do you think great physicists came up with their brilliant ideas? They used their intuition of course! But like these scientists, as healt...
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In this era of e-medicine and telemedicine, gut feelings or natural intuition is often used by many healthcare professionals as a diagnostic tool. I definitely agree that this factor definitely is affected by gender, age and expertise. Nowadays where...
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