Take artificial sweeteners with a big pinch of salt

Take artificial sweeteners with a big pinch of salt

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A team of researchers have confirmed yet another widespread bias in an industry-funded research into artificial sweeteners.
30 Sep 2016 - General
I have many friends started depending on these artificial sweeteners and they seem happy with it. However I always wonder about its long term effects. I have read some of the articles suggest that consuming artificial sweeteners is just as bad for you as sugar... and artificial sweeteners may even exacerbate the negative effects of sugar. It needs more neutral research to decide their full effects and safety. I have participated in some systematic reviews and metanalyses, I was shocked with the ...
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Conflict of interest is really a serious issue in the research industry. I believe that aside from companies that manufacture artificial sweeteners, there are also pharmaceutical companies that have the capacity to influence the outcome of a research study. This is really a pain for our profession because doctors are being placed on a bad light. A lot of people really work hard to produce a credible research, while others feign their data. Just a rule of thumb, anything artificial has potential ...
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