Sorry, Your Bath Towels Are Probably Pretty Gross

Sorry, Your Bath Towels Are Probably Pretty Gross

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While everyone knows it’s important to throw their bath towels into the washing machine (you know this, right?), many people are most likely not laundering their towels (or tossing them into the hamper as frequently as they should. “
30 Sep 2016 - General
Jennifer Winter I can imagine the same! haha I know towels can be very bulky and difficult to pack. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta It depends which hotel I'm staying at. If its a premiere hotel, I don't pack an extra towel. When i'm not sure about the hotel's reputation, I always carry 2 towels: 1 bath, 1 medium sized towel. ...
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See that's why I also hate the cloth loofahs too. Whenever I see one in someone's bathroom or when my mom buys one I squirm and think, but is too unsanitary. It's always left damp so I'm sure it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The same is true with towels, but I wish it's easier said than done, to change the the towels every day like when you're in a hotel. I always make sure to hang my towel where it's properly aired and where the sun can hit it. And yes, I c...
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Anything that's moist can actually harbour these bacteria. But even if you leave your towel under the sun, I'm pretty sure it won't be bacteria free. I change my towels once a week, every Monday. I agree with Jennifer Winter that its useless to be germophobic because there's really no way of getting rid of these bacteria. I think the two towel suggestion makes sense, especially if you leave your ...
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How often do you change your towels? I find it funny since I only change my bath towel sometimes once or twice a month. It surprises me that it must be changed 5 days or a week after. Since, there are some bacteria that may not cause any problem but environmental bacteria, such as nontuberculous mycobacteria (which can be found in shower heads and may cause lung infection) and possibly Legionella (which can multiply in a building’s water system and lead to a respiratory condition) may be lingeri...
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