Thailand confirms two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly - BBC News

Thailand confirms two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly - BBC News

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Thai health officials confirm two cases of microcephaly, a severe birth defect in babies linked to the Zika virus, the first in South East Asia.
30 Sep 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto There might be some form of innate advantage for some people who do not develop severe complications from the disease - whether it is genetic or not, I guess that remains a question until we have finally confirmed it. In the past few months there were speculations that microcephaly was not really associated with Zika, since it only happens in Brazil. I guess, now that it happened in Thailand...
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I just finished commenting on Theekshana Abayawickrama's linked article on a rare Zika case with an old man possibly infecting his son through simple physical "contact". Your question about the occurrence of different strains truly makes sense because that's my question too. I never realized it by you are right, why are not all pregnant women giving birth to microcephalic babies? Where does the &...
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This is quite alarming Dc. Marinelle Castro . I have read in another article that there are 26 pregnant women infected with Zika virus, and 3 of them recently gave birth to babies with mircrocephaly. Once, you are infected with Zika Virus, there is a chance or possibility of having microcephalic babies. Lets say approximately 10%-15%. What we can only do now is to prevent having Zika Virus, health education to ev...
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Bad news, the zika-induced microcephaly is already in Asia. I remember in one of the discussions about Zika, someone pointed out that the Asian strain of Zika varies from the strain in South America. If there is still a possibility that strains are different, does it mean that in general Zika virus really causes microcephaly? How come not all pregnant women who were infected with this virus gave birth to microcephalic babies? This still does my head over. The saga on this virus just raises more ...
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