News: Kidney cancer drugs attacks other cancers too!

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30 Sep 2016 - General

A group of researchers have found it out that the drugs used to treat kidney cancers have an effect on other cancers as well. Axitinib is a well established drug for the treatment for the kidney cancers and it is involved in the cell signalling pathways. For the other cancers the story is bit different. It is found that Axitinib attacks the other cancer types in a different way. Axitinib is found to have an off target effect which encourages the cells to mutate. So that will attack the cancers of that origin such as breast, prostate, and colo rectal cancers. So this discovery will help for a new way of treating those cancer types hopefully in the near future.

Such new discoveries are very helpful in treating the emerging lethal diseases. Treatment of cancer involves radiotherapy and chemotherapy that can improve the quality of life but it is very hard to completely eradicate it. Axitinib is approved for the second line treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma. It has also found that Axitinib exhibits several tyrosine kinases, some of them are involved in new blood cells formation. But above post has described its activity against other cancer’s t...
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