PH celebrates Elderly Week

PH celebrates Elderly Week

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The first week of October has been declared Elderly Week in the Philippines and the Department of Health and Philippine Health Insurance Corp (Philhealth) are jointly spearheading a celebration, with the theme “Youth respect for Filipino Elderly.”
1 Oct 2016 - General
Just wondering, for members of the community from other countries, do you have high regard for the elderly? From cultural studies, I've read that people from the Korean, Japanese and Chinese heritage have high regard for the elderly to the point that they have to seek permission about major life decisions. We also have the same heritage here, but some people are becoming less traditional. I hope our government can adapt the exercise parks in Korea. Their government put up small parks within ...
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I am glad to hear that the government of Philippines has declared a week for elderly population. Eventhough the elderly population becomes geadually increased over time, there's still little attention has been paid for them. In my region the fields like geriatrics are still noval things even among medical professionals. Just like small children, elderly patients also differ significantly from a average grown man. Their rate of metabolism, rate of excretion of waste products, tolerance of dr...
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What a surprise reading about this which I am not aware of. The elderly population is growing tremediously over the decades and is continuosly growing. As a nurse assigned in the medical surgical ward, we always get to handle geriatric patients. Their population outnumbered the younger percentage. Some of which have supportive family members and others are just left abandoned and no one is caring for. Even on streets, I can see from the streets of Iloilo City a lot of elderly asking for alms an...
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Senior citizens deserves respect and young ones should give the privileges that should be given to our elderly. One of the example of it is the privilege in Public Utility Jeepney. I guess we need to educate some people to raise awareness that their are places where elderly should be priotize. On the lighter side, i admire those restaurants and groceries that provides a special lane which accommodates senior citizens only. I am happy that our country gives importance to the health of our elderly...
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