Abbott's "FreeStyle Libre" System for Diabetes approbed by FDA

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1 Oct 2016 - General

Freestyle Libre pro flash glucose monitoring system utilizes a water resistant sensor that is applied to the upper arm of the patient by health care professionals for up to 14 days. It records glucose levels every 15 minutes.
After 14 days, the patient returns to the doctor's office where the doctor scans the sensor and downloads the glucose data registered in the sensor.
Freestyle Libre is a revolutionary system for glucose monitoring in patients with diabetes because it does not require the patient to interact with the device and to calibrate the sensor. Thanks to its very precise way of detecting trends and patterns in glucose levels, it helps health care professionals to choose the most suitable therapy for the patient. Furthermore, it lowers costs, maintenance and time compared to other professional CGM systems:

Do you came accross these type of units in your way. Please share your valuable comments. 

Habiba Twakkol Theekshana Abayawickrama
Dear friends,

Its a non invasive method for continuous measurement of blood glucose. It may be useful in hospitals with insulin pumps. Though it is costlier than conventional methods but fast, accurate and could monitor the results on the spot in case of critically ill or during...
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This is really impressive. And no, these type of devices have not reached the hospitals in Sri Lanka yet. Bbut it rally can help the management off patients with diabetes, mainly type I diabetes. There are people who are on insulin or are connected to insulin pumps. In these patients serum glucose level can fluctuate due to the supply and demand of glucose so devices that supply insulin at a constant rate might cause hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. If we can couple this type of a sensor to an ins...
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Madhubabu kaaja i'm surprised by your article, finally there is another way to measure glucose level.
I wish that this device reaches our country.
The usual devices ,as we know, require the finger puncture to collect sample and it's result not accurate ( even with the new one we still need the old one) or we have to frequently go to medical lab.
I think that glucose tolerance test will be easie...
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Tahira Nawaz Dear Tahira, thanks for sharing your experiences. It is pain less and higher patient compliance and continuous monitoring of blood glucose level. Alternative to Abbots device there is another approved device by DEXCOM. But abbotts device is low price, and small size.

For about DEXCOM follow the link.
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I haven’t come across these types of units that are used for diabetes monitoring and controlling. Because I don’t have any diabetic patient at home, rather I have digital BP apparatus that I use frequently to check BP of my family. I have not even seen such type of device in my hospital as well. Libre pro flash glucose monitoring system that can record glucose levels every 25 minutes up to 15 days looks interesting and innovative. It contains water resistant sensors that can be applied by health...
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