Nurses: 7 perfect vacation ideas for a budget holiday in Asia

Nurses: 7 perfect vacation ideas for a budget holiday in Asia

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As nurses are faced with busy and demanding daily routines at work, you deserve a vacation getaway to help you de-stress and refresh for the tasks ahead.
1 Oct 2016 - General
Habiba Twakkol Yes, traveling is great for students who want to take a break as well! Most students from here go on vacations with their families especially during long holidays, as they too need to take a break from all the stress that health and medical courses give! Jemelyn Mae Sodusta This is so true! Aside from enjoying the s...
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It is not hard to travel on a budget nowadays, which is an amazing thing. In the past, you cannot simply "backpack" for a quick vacay because travelling is such a luxury. Not that it is not a luxury now, because it still is, but it is no longer limited to the rich. I grew up being able to travel because my mother was an employee of Philippine Airlines. We were lucky there and grateful for the chance because travelling broadens your horizon and enriches your life. I believe that one sho...
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Such an interesting article Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan . This is a nice tips for those who plan to travel abroad. I'd like to mention my friend who are fond of traveling abroad Priscilla Mae Gobuyan maybe you want to read this article? Lol. But as for me, I'd like to travel our country first. There are a lot of places h...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan thank you for your nice article, these places could be affordable not only for nurses, they are also convenient for students to spend their vacation in extraordinary places similar to what you mentioned.
Most students all over the world , beside studying, they work so they can save money for vacation,help their families and sure to get the cost of their expenses.
These places a...
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Aren’t we all looking for that perfect holiday that suits a small budget? Reading this post, it has some excellent suggestions for various Asian destinations that are doable for a few days on a minimal budget. Personally, I’ve only been to one of these destinations which is Chiang Mai, Thailand, which really is a very interesting place away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and less expensive than the usual Thailand tourist areas. I wuld like to try out Vientiane, Laos and Pokhara, Nepal. Ho...
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