Good news: people with acne appear to be protected against the signs of ageing

Good news: people with acne appear to be protected against the signs of ageing

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It might be cold comfort for those of you struggling with bad skin right now, but a new study has found that people with acne tend to have younger-looking skin as they grow older.
2 Oct 2016 - General
I agree that acne may be linked with stronger skin due to the repetitive regeneration in the skin cell layers. However, I believe the study stated that having acne may be an indicator for the length of telomeres which appears to be different in acne sufferers and means their cells may be protected against ageing. It didn’t mean that acne has protective effect against ageing as a whole. In fact, many patients suffer from long standing stress and face scarring due to the complicated acne. There ...
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Really? I never thought that acne can protect you against signs of ageing. I guess this ia not applicable to everyone? I know someone, who haven't experienced acne in her whole life but she looks prettier and younger than everyone at her age. I guess her lifestyle, diet and things she does to protect her skin is a plus. And besides, having acne may leave you a scar which you can't cover it up at all. Which sometimes make you looks ugly and a little bit old from your original age or you l...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama thank you for posting such a valuable article , I really liked it, but I want to add that acne suffering people really suffer , it is not just about there appearance but also pain and discomfort feeling they had.
It is a huge problem when they have been affected mentally and may lead to psychiatric complain.
I think they deserve to live normally like others and if like you said the...
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I thought acne makes your skin look bad and make one look older for the age. But apparently it is quite the opposite. dIt has been known for sometime and dermatologists have described that the skin of patients who suffer from acne age more slowly than those who have not experienced acne in their lifetime. This has been linked to the presence of longer telomeres in patients with acne. This must be a relief who are suffering from severe acne vulgaris. Your face may look terrible now, but be happy ...
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