Doctor concocts oral vaccines from cat saliva and vodka in Chicago

Doctor concocts oral vaccines from cat saliva and vodka in Chicago

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A Chinese-American doctor had his license suspended by U.S. regulators on Wednesday as he allegedly gave patients modified vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka.
2 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my, how can he do this? Vodka and cat saliva? If I were a parent and I find out that my child was given this instead of what I what he was supposed to, I would really see to it that the doctor gets more than a suspension. I guess the hearing will determine a better punishment for the doctor and I agree with Marinelle Castro he deserves revocation of license for this. He must not be in the right mind to be doin...
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I don't want to offend any doctors here, but it is important to remember that some doctors are not immune for "quack science" or even an overly strong belief in non-clinical medicine or "alternative medicine". I've heard of some doctors who promote homeopathic medicine, and also some whose practice of medicine is largely fueled by their religion or superstition.

In addition, I won't be surprised if some doctors may feel incentivized to commit malpractice...
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I'm curious what the accused medical practitioner has to say about this. The accusations give very elaborate detail that makes us cringe at the very thought of it. However, I'd like to read the side of the doctor to give a more comprehensive opinion on the case. The article in itself only presents one side and as healthcare providers we should keep an open mind about this. I'm still hoping that there's no truth to the allegations because if it were true that he alters vaccines wi...
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It is worst malpractice case where the vaccine is prepared by a Doctor itself in Chicago and his license was suspended due to this illegal activity. He had been preparing different types of such vaccines since more than 10 years by using raw cat saliva and vodka. He was gathering cat saliva with a cotton swab from the cat mouth and detoxified the saliva with the help of device WaveFront 2000. He was vaccinating the children through oral or nasal route for neurological disorders, autism, and ecze...
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Giving a 7-day-old infant an unapproved vaccine is a serious malpractice indeed. Knowing more that the doctor continued to give this so-called vaccine containing vodka and cat saliva for a decade makes it even more horrifying!!. Even if he believed that these vaccines are somehow effective, he should had done some research or try to prove their efficacy at least through any documented trial in the way to have the FDA approval but it seems he did not try any of this!!. I really wonder how he mana...
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