When doctors and nurses collide: How can the differences be resolved?

When doctors and nurses collide: How can the differences be resolved?

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Workplace conflicts in the healthcare system are commonplace, but they can be much reduced by improving the relationship between doctors and nurses.
2 Oct 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz I agree. A lot of conflict arise from lack of communication, that’s why its important to establish a good professional relationship with other members of the healthcare team. Mark Edmon Tan Me too. If ever, I rarely have unusual incidents with nurses because I always make it to appoint that differences are settled a...
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I agree with the last sentence of the article. All collisions can be avoided if we always act and think in the best interest of our patients. I would like to add that disagreements can be avoided if there is a clear delineation of work. Doctors are at the helm of making patient management decisions because that is what they are supposed to do. Nurses get more involved with making sure that the management plans are executed to perfection and double check doctor's orders (32 hour shifts can cl...
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An effective workplace communication is very necessary in order to maintain a healthier collaboration among all healthcare professionals. When there are miscommunication and poor collaboration between different health care professionals it may lead to unproductive teamwork and atrocious environment at the workplace. Nurses and Doctors are more closely attached in any healthcare setting therefore there must be no communication gap between both caretakers. They must share the unusual diagnostic fi...
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In any workplace, it is unavoidable to have professional differences. In clinical practice, its common to have varying opinions. A lot of times even doctors themselves disagree on patient management. In my personal experience, there are times when neurologists and neurosurgeons disagree on therapeutic plans. I think this makes room for a healthy discourse wherein both parties may learn from conflicts. I agree with the article that maintaining an open communication is essential. Of course, profes...
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