Mom Fights Back After a Police Officer Allegedly Told Her It's Illegal to Breastfeed in Public

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2 Oct 2016 - General

A Georgia mom is speaking out after a police officer allegedly told her that she couldn't breastfeed public. She was breastfeeding her 1-month-old son at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Columbus, Georgia, when a sheriff’s deputy approached and said she “needed to cover up because someone might find it ‘offensive,’ ” and that if her nipple was exposed he would have to arrest her for indecent exposure.

If you were the mother, will you breastfed your kid in Public places? What is your views in this kind of situation? And in your country, do they allow breastfeeding in public? 


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I am not a mother, so this my take on it as a woman who is not a mother. I think that first and foremost, the child is the main priority here and if a child needs to feed, he should have access to milk (whether from the mother's breast or the bot...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta thank you for discussing this issue, my personal opinion about breastfeeding in public that it is not a behavior that mothers should be ashamed from or blamed for, babi...
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Breastfeeding at public places is an issue that runs in controversy. Although it is legal in most of the countries, many women have to experience that 'nasty looks' from the crowd as if they are doing something wrong. Some countries like the ...
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That is true Mahmoud AbdelAziz . I totally agree with you. Here in my country, we don't view breastfeeding in public that bad at all. This is different to those who go topless in public...
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My home country is a Muslim majority country, and I have seen countless mothers breastfeed their babies in public with no problem. In Malaysia, I haven’t seen yet any. I am with breastfeeding for sure, anytime anywhere. However, we should take in con...
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