False Health Tips On Social Media Sites

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2 Oct 2016 - General

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On many social media sites, I come across various fake health tips being propagated. Many of the patients follow social media in this era. They like to research about the disease on the internet and many people even follow them without thinking of the harmful consequences.Many times, the people who post such messages do not even belong to the medical field. Moreover, people who read and follow such messages also spread it to their friends and family, making it more viral and increasing the chances of risks that these conditions can lead to. Some of the common tips that I hear from my patients and friends are for diabetes, hypertension and lifestyle disorders. Once, a patient came with a complaint of pain in root stumps but she was resistant to extract them as she had read on facebook that extraction should not be done when you're diabetic. The statement is partially true, but I believe that the decision should always be left in the hands of the doctor. I think that come strict measures should be taken for the spread of such harmful health tips. 

Have you ever come across such situation and do you have any possible solution against it? Then, please share.

Thing that are shared on social media sites about health and disease really makes me laugh at times. But it is a really serious matter, that we as healthcare professionals should worry about, because to a proportion of the population these health tips are not a joke. They don't have the medical knowledge that we have, so people actually believe what others share on social media sites and try to treat themselves. There are times that even my mom would believe these stories, and ask me if thos...
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Good thing you brought this up. In fact, this is not only happening on social media. Some tv commercials, radio advertisements and newsprint ads also advertise false health tips. Sometimes, it is very sad to realize that even medical practitioners share these false health tips on social media, and it makes people thing that they're credible. Recently I encountered this post that advocates do-it-yourself home remedies for pneumonia! Its just so bad if patients will follow them instead of cons...
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Heena Pohani Dear Heena, Social media tips are creating attention of the public. For example for faster weight loss in 1 week, for fair skin in 30 min and adulterated, filthy medicines are available over internet. Its better to avoid social media tips for health. Its best to consult a physician, pharmacist or a nurse. Very few people misguided towards the wrong information.

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I totally agree it is a serious issue really. These so-called medical or health advice may have some truth but they usually do not the patient’s individual status in consideration. In medical practice, there are many factors that lead the physician to his decision that suits the patient accordingly. The more serious problem I have encountered is the posts talking about herbal benefits. Although some of these herbs may be really helpful in some ways, there side effects are unknown. Even they are ...
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