Social Media A New Medicine?

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2 Oct 2016 - General

Using social media applications like Facebook or Skype may help lessen depression, loneliness and other chronic illnesses in seniors, a recent study found.

Seniors who used the apps rated their health better and had fewer depressive symptoms, and also had fewer symptoms of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Use of social technology also predicted lower levels of loneliness in seniors, and better overall mental and physical health, according to researchers from Michigan State University.


Have you noted these type of findings in your practise? And how it could be? Please provide comments.

Social media and technological advances such as Skype (or FaceTime) is really helpful, but it is a double-edged sword, you are right. As I see it, it provides superficial happiness or satisfaction, that may not be truly worth anything, but sometimes some superficial resolve is what you need. I mean, all begins somewhere. Eventually the pretend stability, becomes a norm. For instance, when my father died, I think it would've been much worse for my mom if it weren't for FaceTime and Facebo...
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I guess these social media has its pros and cons. For pros, in my own experience, i agree that having this form of communication helpful specifically viber and skype because i use this to communicate or reach my partner. It is really difficult to sustain a long distance relationship. And everytime loneliness hits me or lets say missing him that much, through this it lessen the feeling of loneliness. I guess i agree that seniors who use this apps had better health because my mom and dad everytime...
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To be honest, I am surprised that older population, with an average age of 68, is fond of using social media. I very rarely see elder population use social media in our patient group. Most of them just use the normal cellphone, for them to call or text. Anyway, I agree with every body that social media is partly good and partly bad. Although communication has become much faster and more convenient, it took away the social interaction especially during gatherings/ parties, as everybody tends to b...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama I want to add little information. Researchers studied nearly 600 older Americans, average age 68, and found that more than 95 percent were either "somewhat" or "very" satisfied with social technology, while 72 percent said they were not opposed to learning new technologies. Some older people using more than young adults. , social technology use predicted lower levels of...
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I agree with Habiba, that social media can be a double edged weapon. It is true that it can help someone with depression. Usually people who are depressed become socially withdrawn. They do not have anyone to discuss their problems with which makes the situation much work. This lack of social support can even lead to suicide. Social media sites provide a platform for these people to speak out their thought. There are even social media groups, like groups of people who share the same experience. ...
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Madhubabu kaaja thank you for your nice article,
Social media probably is a double edged weapon, as you mentioned that (seniors who used these apps rated their health better and had fewer depressive symptoms), i see the opposite in our society, nowadays, everyone must has his own smartphone and with every minute passing, he checks his phone if there is any notification from any app.
In family gatherings, ...
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