Alcoholism in Malaysia: A serious public health issue

Alcoholism in Malaysia: A serious public health issue

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Many of us believe that alcoholism is a "western problem" and therefore not prevalent in our country. However, even as a small nation, Malaysia was named the tenth largest consumer of alcohol by the World Health Organisation in 2011.
3 Oct 2016 - General
Previously it was accepted that Western people are a more habitual drinker but this new research has reported Malaysia as a tenth largest consumer of Alcohol worldwide. it is estimated by WHO and it is the point to ponder that such a small nation can have so many drinkers. I wonder how people are playing with their health by blindly following the trendy activities and without noticing the destructive power of such modern trends. Alcohol has become the social and economic culprit in Malaysia that...
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Alcoholism in Malaysia is indeed a serious problem. It is not very prevalent but it is common to find in the hospitals. The main problem is that although a small percentage of population consumes Alcohol, they actually consume it so much. Having a patient with the long standing complications of Alcohol is not uncommon in the state here. Every month there are cases of Alcohol related pancreatitis, dementia and even Amyloidosis sometimes!. With the availability of Alcoholic drinks almost everywhe...
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