Doctors: 10 must-have features for your medical practice website

Doctors: 10 must-have features for your medical practice website

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It is important for doctors who have their own practice to have an online presence that serves as a window for their professional life to potential customers. Not only should your website tell visitors about your practice, it should also be built in a way that it is optimised for search engines. That way, it ensures that your website garners a considerable amount of web traffic.
3 Oct 2016 - General
I thought deeply about this and in my personal opinion, it might not be wise to allow online booking. This can lead to an increase in last minute cancellation rates which will just complicate my clinic schedule. Something that I realized, doctors should reconsider "spreading themselves too thin". For one, online presence takes commitment. We all know that a physician's life is hectic and I'm not sure if everyone can make that commitment. I'm still a resident and yet I don&#...
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It’s great that the digital age offers so many possibilities for health care professionals (like consultants) to expand their reach and be able to show patients the services and value they have to offer. All of the items suggested in the article can really be of help to patients who want to know more about a physician before booking an appointment. Nowadays, looking for a good physician or specialist tends to be hit or miss. Every patient would want to know if he or she would be comfortable with...
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Previously, finding a doctor tended to be based on word of mouth, or sometimes people just went to the most famous hospital. These days, the digital and mobile age can greatly influence your presence in the minds of patients. Patient's often rely on clinic or hospital websites to know important details like opening hours, address, charges and so on. In addition, every clinic or hospital may be different in the services that they provide, and patients these days are a lot more picky about wha...
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Recently in the modern world, technology has invaded every aspect of life. Being there in the real world is not enough anymore. Existing in the virtual world has become a necessity to cope with the market’s need in the same manner as any service provider. However, providing health service must have some slight differences to gain your customers trust and respect. I find the tips provided in the article very useful especially in terms of reachability on the web. Your website must have very clear ...
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