HIV cured, Pioneering new therapy launches two-stage 'kick and kill' attack on the virus

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3 Oct 2016 - General

HIV cured - “kick and kill” attack on the virus worked


A 44-year-old British man may have become the first person in the world to be cured of HIV.

The patient was the first of 50 people to complete a trial of the ambitious treatment which launches a two-stage “kick and kill” attack on the virus.

Tests showed the virus had become undetectable in the blood of the previously HIV-positive man, after he was treated with a pioneering new therapy designed to eradicate the virus.

The new therapy is unique in that it tracks down and destroy HIV in every part of the body including in the dormant cells that evade current treatments by Britain's National Institute for Health Research

The new treatment, however, would both suppress infections and kill the reservoir of dormant cells.

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It is again a great success and mind blowing achievement in the medical field. HIV disease is transmitted through sexual contact and it was I must say untreatable up to today. Britain’s National Institute for health research has set up a new treatment therapy for HIV patients. It is called “kick and kill” therapy because it attacks HIV virus in two stages. First of all, it tracks the HIV virus and then it destroys it completely in the whole body including even dormant cells. With the help of thi...
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