The benefits of being a volunteer nurse: How it can positively influence your life and career

The benefits of being a volunteer nurse: How it can positively influence your life and career

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Being a busy nurse should not be an excuse from doing volunteer work. Instead, by helping those in need, you are also indirectly influencing others in the community to play their part.
3 Oct 2016 - General
I believe that what you give you get back. For instance, Someone can be filthy rich but does no charity and are stingy in terms of providing help to the elderly, there is no point in life cause no one will appreciate such a person like him. Doing good does not have to come only by volunteering to the public but also volunteering to take care of your own parents and take ownership of them since they are old and frail. As a baby, they are the ones who took care of us and scolded anyone who flicked...
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Here in my place, volunteers in public hospitals and some in private hospitals are still practiced. Though in other places ithey are not practicing it. Yes i agree that volunteering has its pros and cons.
Lets start with the pros. 1. The feeling of fullfilment when you help someone in his or her healing process. A simple "smile, thank you and you are the best, Nurse" is one of the heart melting experienced i had. 2. The experience and friend you gained along the way is irreplaceab...
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Although it is a great thing for nurses to volunteer, and of course we all hope that more healthcare professionals can volunteer their services for those in need, I also wonder how useful it would be for the nurses. If their volunteer work was in a different country or environment, of course it can be a refreshing experience, but if it were to be something that they did on weekends, after already doing similar work throughout the week, I can't imagine that it would be restful for them.
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