Symptoms of poor blood circulation

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3 Oct 2016 - General

There are many different types of symptoms which can indicate poor circulation. Apart from the discomfort a person may feel each day, there are potentially more serious consequences, so it is important to look into this properly.

  • Cold feet and toes - not just in winter time
  • Cold hands and fingers
  • Feeling numb in certain parts of the body especially the extremities
  • Feeling tired or having a lack of energy much of the time
  • Some hair loss can be because of bad blood flow
  • Having regular dizzy spells
  • If your skin gets dry even though you drink plenty of water
  • Swelling and water retention - especially in the feet
  • Lumps in blood vessels and varicose veins
  • Some headaches can be due to this
  • Cramps and pins and needles
  • Feeling short of breath at times
  • Blotches and blemishes in the skin
  • Poor blood flow to the brain may affect memory
Checking the peripheral circulation doesn't take more than a minute of your time during assessment of a patient. But this small thing that you do can decide the life of a patient. There are so many things that can go wrong in the body, but the bo...
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It does not matter where you work. It can be a medical unit, a surgical unit, a paediatric unit, a gynaecology unit, an obstetric unit, an emergency treatment unit or an intensive care unit. You have to aware about the signs and symptoms of poor bloo...
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Ways to increase blood circulation: Going for walks after meals can help increase circulation, Exercise whenever you can, get a massage. Massage, like exercise, increases local circulation by stimulating blood flow in the soft tissue. Eat healthy foo...
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Habiba Twakkol One of the most common signs that's indicative of poor blood circulation is trophic changes in the skin. When I was a medical student, I noticed that most of the diabetic...
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@Madhubabu kaaja there are many reasons of poor blood flow in the human body. They range from pump failure(Heart failure),reduced hydro static pressure to peripheral vessel blockade due to a thrombus for example. And the treatment therefore also dep...
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Madhubabu kaaja smoking is a sure fire reason for this.
Years and years of no exercise can lead to bad circulation. It doesn't happen overnight but usually creeps up on a person.  (Total 327 words)
Assessment of peripheral circulation is much more important when you manage a patient with an impairment in the distal circulatory state. It does not have to be a direct circulation related problem. For example, working in a pediatric surgical the m...
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