AYNLA: Taking the cudgels for Philippine nurses

AYNLA: Taking the cudgels for Philippine nurses

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As a prominent advocate to improve the plight of Filipino nurses, the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates (AYNLA) has vowed to serve as a voice for the less-than appreciated healthcare professionals until the necessary reforms are put in place.
4 Oct 2016 - General
It's great to know that there is an organization like AYNLA to rally for the rights of nurses here in the Philippines. It’s sad, however, that the problem of unemployed nurses is still present even if it has been years since the “nursing boom.” Though the government has addressed this problem to some extent, like deploying some nurses to rural communities under the RN HEALS program, it still isn’t enough to solve the problem due to the massive number of nurses. A lot of my friends who are nu...
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