Growing number of kids paralyzed by mysterious polio-like illness

Growing number of kids paralyzed by mysterious polio-like illness

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As of August 2016, there have been 50 confirmed cases across 24 states.
4 Oct 2016 - General
Oh, what a terrible thing to happen to little kids. To think that a mere virus could cause such damage at a young age, and via the CNS too, which is indeed a rare occurrence. It’s also sad that recovery from this illness seems bleak. Does this mean that the children remain paralyzed until they grow older? As a relatively new condition, I hope scientists and specialists in the field take interest to study the disease and the causative agent more. Hopefully too, some kind of treatment could be dev...
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This is the first time Ive read about this disease because this is not yet in textbooks. Apparently, it still remains enigmatic and the cause is largely unknown. There are plenty of intriguing points about its disease presentation. Based on what I've read from the CDC website, it seems like its occurring exclusively in children. Second, the disease has prodromal symptoms of a respiratory infection. Third, the paralysis is focal --- which is the most intriguing factor of all. It affects the s...
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It is devastating that enteroviruses are paralyzing children at the age of three. A US child of 3 years age has diagnosed acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) after an MRI scan. It is a mysterious muscle weakness similar to polio. AFM has started its disastrous effects from the start of this year. Commonly enteroviruses are responsible for respiratory tract infection and summer cold in children but when these viri are transmitted to CNS they cause inflammation of the brain. It is very serious condition ...
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