A nurse’s vital responsibilities when dealing with terminally ill patients

A nurse’s vital responsibilities when dealing with terminally ill patients

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Dealing with dying clients would be among the most stressful thing to go through as a nurse. The transition from life to death is emotionally stressful for patients and families as well as nurses who provide care at the end stage of a patient’s life. Even though it is a difficult period for nurses, concentrating on the patient’s needs at this moment will help to ease their roles. Generally, terminal ill clients need care in three areas which are: physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, and spiritual issues.
4 Oct 2016 - General
End-of-life care seems like quite a challenge for any health care professional, but it’s the nurses and doctors who really have to brace themselves since they are the HCP most in contact with the patient. I say that it is challenging because you not only have to cater to physical needs, but to other aspects as well, such as emotional and mental aspects mentioned in the article. Aside from this, you also have to accept that you can do nothing more for the patient but provide palliative care and s...
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I have friends who permanently work in the oncology ward and I really admire their efforts in taking care of terminally ill patients. End-of-life care is never simple because you have to ensure that everything is provided for the patient and his family. More often than not, they are very sensitive during this period so maximal patience and support should be given. For all healthcare providers, I think its vital to make treatment goals clear from the start in order to avoid any misunderstandings ...
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