Why pharmacies should stop giving out measuring cups and spoons

Why pharmacies should stop giving out measuring cups and spoons

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In many countries, there is no legal requirement to use a standardised dosing tool when giving liquid medications to patients. Measuring cups and spoons are most popular and syringes to a lesser extent.
5 Oct 2016 - General
I never like prescription or labels that states tsp or tbsp, high potential for errors as described in the article. Currently our e-system generates labels in ml dosing. So 10ml three times daily for example. We purchased and give out spoons with two heads (5ml and 2.5ml) labelled on them. We also gives out medicine syringes (per 0.2ml marks). These things are "relatively" cheap and most countries do not need to import them (ie locally sourced). This hopefully has helped to reduce erro...
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“One in five of these parents made at least one large error when handling their children's doses.” Large errors meaning more than twice the supposed dose. This is very alarming indeed!! One in five would be 20 % of parents, which is a very large percentage when it comes to errors in dosing, and as Marinelle Castro pointed out, can cause severe harm and even death to children since their metabolic and eliminat...
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Jemar Nicdao thank you for sharing this article, I think the pharmacist should inform the parents or the patient what is the right way to measure the dose of liquid medicine.
Also, media and Heath ministries all over the world should spread the awareness of such an issue and others.
Any one dealing with medication should be aware of how to deal with it concerning dosage, right time to take the dosage and ...
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I agree that these terminologies are confusing. Since a lot of these medications are eliminated by hepatic and renal clearance, pediatric overdosing is particularly worrisome for children less than a year old, wherein complete maturation of these organs are still in process. Fortunately in older children, the capacity of renal and hepatic excretions exceed that in adults, that’s why we rarely see drug toxicity consults in this age group. Nevertheless, its still important to address this problem....
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Why is it not possible for liquid medication to be directed to the patient using the annotation 5ml spoonful?e.g.. One 5ml spoonful Three times daily. This is the case in the U.K. where pharmacists are ethically required to give out a free 5ml spoon with each supply. I agree the terms teaspoon and tablespoon, cup are more for culinary use and still used in the USA along with pound and ounce but your more exact chefs there and elsewhere use the metric system, which use reduces such errors as high...
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After diagnosis, the most important pyramid is the treatment and for proper treatment, accurate dosing is very crucial. Lower doses than prescribed will not produce desire effectiveness and higher doses than prescribed may lead to toxicity. Especially for liquid syrups and suspension, the correct dosing is very significant. Mostly liquid dosage forms are prescribed to pediatric patients because these are easy to swallow. For children, the dose is chiefly adjusted on the basis of child’s body wei...
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