Funniest Incident at your Clinic

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5 Oct 2016 - General

It is rightly said, " Laughter is the best medicine." Nevertheless, as healthcare professionals, we too many times face situations that are quite funny. One such incident took place last week at my clinic. In the early afternoon, a teenage girl came in the diagnosis room, accompanied by her mother. She had the complaint of mobile of retained deciduous tooth. After diagnosis, it was decided to remove the tooth. However, the patient was very afraid to remove the tooth. But her mother very strongly wanted to remove it. So, I told her that her gums need to be cleaned. Saying that I removed the tooth with local anaesthetic gel and gauze pad. Later on, post extraction instructions were given saying that these things are necessary to be followed. The procedure was painless and the patient wasn't aware of the whole thing. When I told her mother that the tooth is removed, the girl fainted. I couldn't help myself laughing. I was shocked by her reaction, but I had to help her out to be awake. Later I shared this incident with my friends and us altogether laughed out loud. Have you ever experienced a funny incident at your clinic? If yes, please share.