What is it like to not recognise anyone at all?

What is it like to not recognise anyone at all?

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Prosopagnosia is a neuropsychological condition where the part of the brain that recognises faces fails to develop.
6 Oct 2016 - General
I have never heard of this before, this is very interesting condition. Both types are as frustrating, whether you were born with it or not, but I suppose someone who used to not have a problem identifying people by their faces will find it harder to accept that faces mean nothing to them anymore. I would feel sad if I knew someone could not recognize me anymore--it's like when patient with Alzheimer's Disease can no longer remember people in their own lives. Nevertheless, it is nice that...
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First thing I remembered from the topic is the movie "50 First Date". Anyway, this disease condition is quite rare and I've never encountered an isolated prosopagnosia in my clinical practice. This should be distinguished from cognitive or memory impairment because both conditions may present similarly, but involve different parts of the brain. Prosopagnosia can be seen in patients with temporal lobe pathologies - strokes, mass lesions etc. However, there's this one area in the...
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Whether traumatic or inherited, a person with prosopagnosia may avoid social interaction and develop social anxiety disorder and fear social situations. Someone with prosopagnosia may worry that they appear rude or disinterested when they fail to recognise a person. They may also have difficulty forming relationships or experience problems with their career. Due to the social isolation, they may develop depression easily.
Others may not even recognise their own face in the mirror or in phot...
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Our brain is controlling our all daily routine activities because the brain is a command center of the nervous system. Basically, it is composed of soft nervous tissues present in the skull. A little damage to these nervous tissues produces irreversible nervous damage leading to the severe medical condition. Our brain is the highly active organ that can identify things and individuals in milliseconds but head trauma, stroke, and degenerative diseases can affect the brain’s recognition activity t...
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