Medical negligence suit against Singaporean surgeon thrown out

Medical negligence suit against Singaporean surgeon thrown out

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Medical negligence cases are rising in Singapore as is the global trend but this does not mean the quality of medical services is decreasing, says the Medical Protection Society.
6 Oct 2016 - General
Its really disappointed to read articles about patients who file cases against doctors who treated them adequately. More often than not, there's only one motive for doing this - Money. It's a good thing that the vascular surgeon thought of hiring a private investigator who was able to take a hold of evidence against the patient's claims. I hope the vascular surgeon filed counter charges against the complainant for damages. I've personally witnessed a similar case wherein the pati...
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When it comes to covering malpractice suits, it is important to strike a balance. For every successful malpractice suit, there are quite a few more failed cases where patients, possibly frustrated by the lack of success in their procedures, resort to lawsuits in order to 'recoup their losses'.

Nobody can guarantee absolute success when it comes to surgical procedures, even something as simple as general anesthesia comes with the risk of death. When you read the details of this ...
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