9 ways 3D printing has transformed the world of medicine

9 ways 3D printing has transformed the world of medicine

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We take a look at how avant-garde 3D printing has changed the medical world for the better in just a few years.
6 Oct 2016 - General
First time I saw of the work a 3D printer I was completely amazed. In Greys Anatomy, they use the 3D printer and I've seen other applications of it outside of the Medical field and I am just in awe. This article is a great read. It spoke of how prosthetics have always been a good replacement, even for function, but it's costly. Thanks to 3D printing, lost limbs may be replaced in a more economical way. All the medical applications of the 3D printer is just impressive--I cannot wait to fi...
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This is just amazing! Reading the article, I couldn’t help but be more and more amazed at the vast possibilities that 3D printing has opened up for the medical field. Prosthetic limbs, skin, and even bones, just wow! It’s a wonderful thing, too, that 3D printers can help manufacture medical and diagnostic equipment, which will be very useful in areas where resources are not readily available. I do believe that this list will get even longer in a few years’ time. Maybe we’ll have artificial organ...
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Medical science, scientists, and researchers are helping mankind since the science had been evolved. The diagnostic procedures, treatments, surgeries and even transplantation are becoming easy day by day due to new achievements and discoveries in medical science. Recently 3D technology is helping the healthcare professionals in diagnosing the diseases in a more better way by using 3D scans and 3D printing. 3D printing looks very helpful in constructing blood vessels, 3D printing of polymers in b...
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It is really fascinating when we witness the science fiction stories become real. Not so long time age, comic books were depicting a luxurious life with super healthy individuals served and treated by machines as an ultimate level of civilization. Although the sad fact that the world is still full of poor people with very humble health services, these never ending advanced researches always restore our hope in reaching and treating those in need. 3D printed equipment and prosthetic are still exp...
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